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I intended to do much more with this website than the pictures you'll find here, but just have not had the time. The actual genealogy where my Ash and Ferrell families fit in are on my main website (click Bassett Home to the left for the home page, or here to get to the genealogy portion of that site).

The pictures linked so far in the Photos section were taken in July 2006 on the trip that my mother Eleanor nee Ash and I took to West Virginia so we could attend the 125th anniversary of the incorporation of the town where she was born. http://westunionfest.org for details. As part of the trip we stayed with various cousins, and I was also able to visit several cemetaries where ancestors are buried. One of the cousins, in sorting through our grandmother's things, found lots of items that were thought to be lost, including drawings done by my mother's brother, and others done by an aunt. Eventually this website will have scans of them and the many Ash and Ferrell photos that were also among her affects.

Guinness attempt for largest genealogical chart, including a 33 ft chart I contributed for the effort. That chart is of the descendants of Adam Ash. Another chart I contributed is an ancestral chart starting with my mother, and including the siblings of each of her ancestors.

The Festival - I took some pictures on Thursday just to make it easier to get some of the landmarks, including some of the "painted ladies" (love those Victorian homes). One of them was getting the finishing touches at the last minute. Everyone got a chuckle on Friday night when the parade ended with the porta-potties that were being delivered for the festival. Though it rained on Saturday for the festivities, it didn't dampen anybody's spirits.

The very gracious owners of the house where my mother was born (on Wood St) allowed me to take pictures. We had a very enjoyable visit with them and finding out all the restoration things they have undertaken.

The Center Point Covered Bridge pictures were taken because a fellow Ash researcher piqued my interested in it. Looking through the bridge, you see the Center Point Cemetery in the background.